Why company formation abroad 

There might be many reasons, why to consider company formation in a foreign jurisdiction. The need of more flexibility, tax optimization, access to new markets and clients, more security and many others.

You can  operate

  • inside the country of registration selling on this market, by opening a physically located business such as a shop, restaurant, warehouse, office, factory, hiring staff and so on or
  • to perform an international business without the country of registration to be the market on which you are selling your goods or services.

Many international activities, not considered a place of business in your country (or another country outside of the registration), can be efficiently carried out by a company registered wherever you prefer. If the case is

international trading; providing of international consulting services; e – commerce; international transportation; software development; holding of intellectual properties and others,

then you could operate through an overseas company. Of course, the above are just a few examples. Each separate case has to be individually considered, from the tax viewpoint as well as the applicable local regulations.

The most important factors you should consider when chosing a foreign jurisdiction are the economic stability, taxation, bank facilities, currency risk, double taxation treaties existance.

Why company formation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an excellent choice for those wishing  their company to be registered in a jurisdiction having all advantages of an EU member and the same time offering the lowest tax rates in the EU. The company registration in Bulgaria can be an opportunity for you to optimize your business, to lower your costs, to reach new markets, or to employ cheaper and well-qualified employees.

  • Taxation: Bulgaria has the lowest taxation within the EU with corporate profit tax rate of 10%.
  • Less risks: Bulgaria joined the European Union in January 2007. The local currency rate is fixed to the Euro: EUR/BGN = 1.95583.
  • Fast procedures: It takes only four working days to register a new company in Bulgaria. The minimal start-up capital is 1 euro. International VAT registration, respectively obtaining EU VAT number takes generally up to 14 days. In some cases takes only 3 days.
  • Bank sistem: Bulgaria has a stable bank sistem. The biggest European banks are represented in Bulgaria. You can organize your banking in the way allowing you to operate with your accounts from everywhere.
  • Double tax treaties: Bulgaria has signed Double Taxation Treaties for the avoidance of double taxation with 68 countries all over the world.
  • Low business costs: Low-cost, highly qualified employees, affordable rents for business purposes.
  • Stable political invirement: Predictable business and legal environment.
  • Perfect location: The country is situated on the main road between Europe and Asia and in the centre of the Balkan Peninsular, There are also 4 Pan-European transport corridors that cross the country.

Taxation rates: 

Corporate Profit Tax: 10% flat
Standard VAT rate: 20%.
VAT on tourism: 9%
VAT on supplies to other EU companies: 0%.
Tax on dividend, distributed to EU companies: 0%
Tax on dividend, distributed to individuals: 5%.
Income tax rate for individuals: 10%.

We provide a wide range of services to investors who wish to open or acquire a company in Bulgaria. We assist you in the entire process, paying attention to every detail. After your company is ready, you can also take advantage of our other services such us accounting, tax consulting, representation and more.
We have over 15 years of experience in accountancy and company registrations. We know how to protect the interest of our clients before the tax agency and the third parties. We know that every business is unique, has different needs and requires a different approach

Formation of a new company in Bulgaria

with bank account, VAT number, registered office address



We have an extended experience in bulgarian company formations for international clients. We know how to handle in all kind of situations.


Our experience in the field of accounting services will be very useful for your business. We deal with clients from different countries and different business sectors.


People often consider tax advisory is going together with accountancy, but actually this is a different field requiring different knowledge. You can benefit from our experience in this area.


For the companies carrying out international deals, the VAT registration is mandatory (except a few separate cases). We will register your company on VAT within two weeks.


The ready-made companies are companies created with the purpose to be sold. This is an excellent solution to have a company with VAT number and bank account without waiting for that.


The first thing you need is a registered office address. Besides you need a someone to represent the company before the authorities as well as to receive the mail.


if it is necessary to sell company shares, add new members, change the director, raise the capital or any changes in the circumstances.


Every company needs a bank account to be registered and afterward. The e-banking is a perfect solution to operate with your accounts from everywhere.